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Jawahar targets the holistic development of every student who enters its portal. Hence co-curricular activities are given due importance in the school curriculum. CCA periods are a compulsory part of a student’s time table and each student is being trained in at least one activity. Some of the activities in the school are dance, music, drawing and painting, karate, embroidery etc.

To develop the varied interests and different talents of the students, we provide ample opportunity through several co-curricular activities. Co-curricular activities are part of school education and play an important role in achieving the all-round development of pupils. Hence parents should encourage their wards to participate in the co-curricular activities of the school.


Football, Volleyball, Basketball, Badminton, Athletics, Mass, Drill, Physical Training, Karate, Yoga etc.



Elocution, Recitation, Debate, Drama, Quiz, Extempore, Competitions, Story writing, Essay writing, Painting, Drawing, Craft etc.



Dance, Music, Band, Instrumental Music, Vocal etc.


Band Team

There is an excellent band team for the school with all brass band equipments. Students from upper and lower Classes express their interest to join the band team and they are trained by a well experienced band master. Every year the school Band team actively participates in the Independence Day Rally, Childrens' day Rally and other important functions.



Science Club, Maths Club, Health Club, Nature Club, Debate and Seminar Club, Oratory Club, Literature Club, Info-tech and Learning Club, Music Club, Hindi Samaj etc.

We are having variety of co-curricular activities which provides the child with an opportunity to recognize his aptitude and grow according to it .

Clubs : Green army , Subject & Language clubs, Physical Education Club


Study Tour

Education in Jawahar is not confined to the four walls of the school. It provides opportunities to explore the outside world. Study tours and picnics were conducted this year for all classes from the Kindergarten to class XII.


Career Guidance Programmes

On 07th August, Dr. Padamadan, Clinical Psycologist interacted with the students of X, XI and XII, on the topics of adolescent changes, stress and its management. UKF Engineering college conducted a career guidance programme in our school on January 04th. Toonz Animation India presented an awareness seminar on 'Animation and Visual Effects' on December 05th. Frankinfinn institute of Air Hostess training conducted a career guidance seminar to the students on January 11th.


Inservice Training Programme & Workshops

To keep in step with developments in the field of education, it is necessary that the teaching faculty be brought abreast with the new techniques in the relevant field. An Exclusive CCE training programme for teachers was organized under the aegis of MacMillan publishers on 8 July 2014. Ramachandran sir, a well-known CBSE trainer was the resource person.


Girls’ Cell Inauguration

Girls’ cell was formed with a view to help the girl students to air their opinion, to be aware of the identity of women and the gender-based exploitation taking place around. The Girls’ Cell of Jawahar Public School was set up for the good grooming of our girl community. The cell was inaugurated on 22 July 2014 by Dr. B. Sandhya IPS, AGDP (crime). Ayshwarya of class X B was nominated the overall girls representative.


Annual Sports Meet

With the aim of physical development of a child along with his intellectual faculties the school organizes an annual sports day every year. Physical fitness has given utmost importance in our campus. The school offers year long coaching in foot ball, basketball, and athletics to the students. The Annual sports meet was held on 5 & 6 December 2014. Shri. Jaya Mohan, Principal M.R.M.K.M.M H.S.S, Edava inaugurated the meet. The games and athletics were held house wise. The active involvement of students in all events of the day proved that participation is more important than winning. Our athletes also participated in the Sahodhaya Sports Meet held at Thiruvananthapuram on 05th & 06th August 2014 and bagged many prizes for various events.


Class Assembly & House Assembly

The class assemblies and house assemblies are team building events on the campus. They help to build trust and friendship between classmates and among school mates. This year each class assembly saw the clubbing of talent from two classes. It was a wonderful exercise that proved that collective excellence is built on individual excellence. The Independence Day celebration was organized by Ganges House members on 14th August 2014. The Indus House members organized their assembly 16th October 2014. The theme of their assembly was based on World Food Day. The Brahmaputhra house members organized their assembly on 14th January 2015. Their assembly focussed on the International day of Elimination of Violence against Women hood. The Yamuna house members organized their assembly on 16th January 2015. Apart from the first three houses they conducted their assembly based on World Energy Day. These assemblies are excellent dais for children to showcase their various skills.